e24 Mobile Payment Solutions Favorably Reviewed in the Swiss IT Magazine

One of Switzerland's ICT publications, the Swiss IT Magazine reviewed the current mobile payment solutions market in the country. e24, one of the Sandpiper Group companies, was represented in the market overview with three distinctive offerings.

  • ePark24 Moby, the mobile parking solution, features parking fee payments via app and SMS, processing pre-paid accounts and credit- or debit cards. The SMS option is the convenient entry path for new users, since it allows for instantaneous payments without any prior registration. The e24 payment services support payments for goods and services, as well. Over all, e24 payments are accepted at over 2'500 locations throughout Switzerland.
  • MyOrder is a mobile payment app targeting the retail market. The MyOrder app works with Android and Apple mobile devices. More than 12'000 retail locations accept MyOrder payments in The Netherlands.
  • Yootap is a HCE NFC mobile wallet that allows users to make payments, collect loyalty points and use the mobile device for in-house services, such as access, ticketing, paying at the copy machine or buying a snack at a vending machine or in the cafeteria. Yootap processes contactless payments through the Sandpiper’s Digital Business Platform and relies on partnerships between the group companies.

With the three offerings, e24 and the Sandpiper group have a portfolio of cost efficient mobile payment solutions for all conceivable usage scenarios.

The Swiss IT Magazine is published monthly by the Swiss IT Media AG in Thalwil and has a print run of 8'500 copies.

Link to the magazine article.



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