University of Applied Science and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Campus Brugg-Windisch
Fachhochschule Thurgau, Kreuzlingen
Kollegium Schwyz, Schwyz
University of Neuchatel, Neuchatel
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Digital Payment in Education, Corporate & Public Facilities

Campus, Schools & Corporate

Campuses, schools as well as small, medium and large enterprises benefit from our unique multifunction card system by managing both students, employees and guests data in one single solution. From canteen to security, from net-printing to library, all services can use the same contactless multi-application card in their activities:

  • Secure ID Management with electronic validity management
  • Secure access to various sensible areas
  • Ultra-fast cashless payment in restaurants, at vending or coffee machines
  • Self-service validation systems
  • Library management with the same ID
  • Full integration with net-printing, copy, scan systems with follow-me functions
  • Internet based b2c platform to let users top-up their card via e-banking and credit-card or self-block their card in real-time by lowering administrative workload
  • Ultra-modern modular integration in the school environment
  • Modern cashier system with web-shop integration to manage pre-orders
  • And much more...



Hospitals and clinics benefit from Sandpiper's unique multifunction card system which manages both patient and employee data on one single device. From payment in the hospital restaurant to secure logon to patient files or the management of access to restricted areas. Sandpiper's services can be offered by using just one device: a contactless smartcard or a NFC based smartphone. Products and services have been designed to help groups of clinics and hospitals to improve efficiency and simplify processes to focus on their core competence: providing superior medical care to patients.


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