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Digital Security Services & Technologies

High Quality Software Engineering

We offer the design and the implementation of software solutions based on Internet, Cloud or Client/Server technologies. We support the full software engineering lifecycle, from the idea and design to the tested solution and the ongoing maintenance. Our emphasis is in the areas of solutions for electronic payments, security solutions and government applications.

Our software solutions drive automated teller machines, payment terminals, accounting and reconciliation systems, mobile devices and terminals as well as automate business processes in various industries.

IT Security Consulting, Products and Solutions

Our highly qualified IT security consultants assess systems and infrastructure components vis-a-vis risks and threats, based on industry standard methodologies, such as ISO27000, BSI Schutzhandbuch or PCI DSS. Our reliable security solutions are based on products from our selected partners that are perfectly integrated into the customer environment. We focus on strong authentication, data encryption, and mobile security solutions.

We assess and document business processes, support projects with project managers or implementation specialists and guide our customers through complex security and compliance requirements.

Solutions for Financial Institutions

Our mobile banking service allows end-customers to use Sandpiper Digital Payments wallets to top-up using multiple payment methods, such as credit/debit card, Paypal™, bank transfer and direct debit across all channels including: web, on-device, QR-code, sms and closed loop card.

At Sandpiper Digital Payments we are committed to enable financial institutions to transfer funds securely between merchants and financial intuitions. Sandpiper Digital Payments offers various authentication server solutions for strong authentication for e-banking and e-commerce.

Our EMV-CAP authentication server complies with established standards for one-time password solutions, OATH, CAP (Chip Authentication Program, developed by MasterCard and adopted by Visa as Visa Passcode) to secure Internet-based e-commerce transactions with debit- and credit cards. The CAP standard supports strong authentication also for e-banking applications.

Mobile Application Engineering with the Best User Experience and the Most Advanced Digital Payment Technology

All End-to-End applications are designed to improve company-wide, internal processes. Mobile solutions can only be standardized up to a point; their design and value depends on business environment and process integration, which differs from company to company. Sandpiper’s Mobile Enterprise Solutions offers a broad range. We accompany you securely and professionally – from conceptual design to your successful new mobile service implementation.

Delivering mobile solutions across the full commerce lifecycle - We provide mobile commerce solutions to financial institutions, sports- and event organizers, publisher- and ad-networks, retailers and brands.

As our platforms enable proximity engagement and loyalty solutions for retailers, media owners and brands by utilizing technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth LE, geo-fencing and QR codes we offer a comprehensive, highly customized and tailored solution.


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