More and more consumers worldwide are seeking convenient cashless payment solutions: the number of cashless payments transactions continues to grow, industry adoption is on the rise as well. SANDPIPER offers a global multi-application platform enabling mobile commerce, proximity marketing and loyalty, as well as digital payments based on strong digital security services and technologies. Based on our platform we can provide easy-to-use hardware, software, apps and management solutions for universities, libraries, events, festivals, municipalities, fleet, transport and mobile network operators. We offer a range of capabilities, services and solutions that enable financial institutions and other corporates, event organizers, caterers, retailers and brands to rapidly deploy highly secure digital payments and data or loyalty services.

SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG (“SDPN”, CH0510341644),, is a stock-listed technology holding company based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. SANDPIPER holds majorities of companies in the area of innovative, mobile and digital closed-loop payment systems as well as digital IT and cyber security systems and its linked services, solutions and technologies. We hold a majority in InterCard AG Informationssysteme and Ergonomics AG. With 80% of all German and Swiss universities, we have one of the biggest installed bases of closed-loop payment schemes in German-speaking Europe. The SANDPIPER majority investments work in the same area of digital payments, access control, identity management as well as digital security and are therefore consolidated as daughter companies of SANDPIPER.

SANDPIPER focuses on its profitable or well growing daughter companies, to lift synergies via adjacent technologies, shared services and overlapping customer channels to cross- and up-sell its services and solutions. SANDPIPER constantly screens relevant markets, to identify complementary businesses or partners. After a thorough analysis we might identify a high strategic fit and a reasonable valuation might lead to a further detailed due diligence and partial or full takeover, or an in-depth partnership.

SANDPIPER aims to be at the forefront of secure, interoperable, interactive and convenient closed-loop payment and its seamlessly connected digital and IT security solutions. We deliver innovation, quality and commitment to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust, integrity and respect for a more secure future. SANDPIPER Digital Payments mission is to simplify your world.